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Travelling with an infant
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Any child under the age of 2 is considered an infant. We welcome babies as young as 7 days on board but each bundle of joy has to be accompanied by a passenger aged 16 or older.

If the seatbelt sign is on and your baby is on your lap you have to hold on securely and if the infant has his or her own seat then you’ll need to use an approved child restraint device.


Here are some items to carry when travelling with an infant:

  • Snacks, purees, juice, breast milk if necessary
  • Spare clothing
  • Wet wipes
  • Milk bottle, if necessary
  • First aid kit (acetaminophen, oragel, zinc paste...)
  • Toys
  • Bring enough diapers: paper diapers are not always available when travelling.
  • Air Canada, for no extra fee, allows you to put a gate-checked stroller and a car seat in the baggage hold.


As with adults, takeoff and landing often produce ear pain due to changes in air pressure. A trick that really works is to have your child chew something. You can try breastfeeding, a pacifier, a bottle or food since swallowing helps relieve your little one’s ear pain.


On international flights, as well as when travelling in Business Class, we offer purees for children under the age of 2, and meals featuring items such as hamburgers, chicken fingers and sandwiches for children over the age of 2. Simply mention your meal preference while making your seat reservations. Plan ahead and bring your child’s favourite snacks just in case!


When you are with kids, travel light. Leave your bulky stroller and heavy car seats at home. Invest in lighter, foldable versions.

Give yourself time. Check in online, and arrive early at the airport so your children can explore and get comfortable. Then let them burn off energy in the waiting area so they’re pooped by the time you board the plane.

During the flight, change your clocks and watches to the local time and try to stick to it, no matter how exhausted the kids are. This will help them, and you, with jet lag and minimize tantrums.

Pack some surprises, but only get them out when the kids start getting restless. And don’t forget that we offer loads of content for kids on our inflight entertainment system. Check out the line-up before your trip.

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