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Try these other tips and tricks
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Try these other tips and tricks


Depending on your kids’ age, have each child bring a small backpack filled with their toys and goodies for the flight. Slip things you will need, like bottles, diapers and wipes into these backpacks. This saves space in your bag and makes the child feel like a “big” boy or girl.

Pack a carry-on bag with absolute essentials that will always be with you. Fill it with enough formula for one bottle, a spit up rag, a diaper and one favourite toy. Carry an extra bottle and formula in case you lose one.

Make sure to have plenty of extra plastic bags for soiled clothing and for throwing away food and trash during the flight.

Before Boarding:

When checking in, always double check seating arrangements. If traveling with a baby, inquire if you can reserve seats where a bassinet can be installed.

While waiting for the flight, let the kids walk around, let the baby crawl, and use this time for exercise.

Make sure everyone uses the bathroom before boarding and change diapers, even if they seem to be clean.

Make sure to have a pocket or place to hold tickets and passports so they are readily available.


Give each child a small pack of crayons as opposed to bringing one large pack. This way there is no fighting over colours.

Pack toys that do not have pieces and do not require numerous things to work.

Even better than a coloring book and crayons is a doodle pad with the coloring stick attached that can erase and start over.

Bring books that you can read to the kids, but make sure they are light and compact.

Take-off and Landing:

Explain to your kids what is happening, and if they are too small to see out of the window, play a game where they have to tell you when you are finally in the air or when you have finally touched the ground.

Once you land, let the other passengers off first. Make sure you have everything and carry your baby in a carrier until you exit so that your hands are free for other tasks.

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