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The ins and outs about your child’s baggage allowance
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The ins and outs of your child’s baggage allowance

Checked baggage rules

To/from all destinations, you can check a car seat or booster seat for infants and children aged 0 to 11, free of charge in addition to their regular baggage allowance.

Be sure to write their name and address on all devices with a permanent marker.

Not sure how many bags you can check on your next trip? Be sure to learn more before leaving.

Carry-on baggage rules

In addition to the regular carry-on allowance, a child restraint device is also accepted as carry-on item, provided that a seat has been purchased for your infant or child.

Infant sling/wrap carriers similar to Snugly™ or Baby Bjorn™ are accepted in addition to the infant’s carry-on allowance if required for use on board the aircraft. These carriers are not approved for use as a "restraint device" and may not be used during taxi, take-off, and landing, or at any time the seat belt sign is illuminated. You will have to remove the infant from the carrier every time the seat belt sign is illuminated.

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