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About Altitude SkyridersTM
Pax, your child’s best friend!

You’ll find Pax’s friendly face on all of your child’s Skyriders’ stuff. Pax will be a faithful companion on all their flights and a symbol of their special status.

Is your child eligible?

All Aeroplan members between the ages of 2 and 12 who reside in Canada or the United States qualify to become Skyriders. Take this opportunity to help make their flying experience extra special.

Register your child
What’s in it for your little Skyrider?

Get a special starter kit for your child

The Skyriders starter kit consists of various useful items all emblazoned with Pax cheerfully flying across them. Your kids will get a friendly introduction letter, a sturdy luggage tag and a logbook to keep a record of each one of their flights.

Get fun badges to commemorate your child’s trip

Imagine their proud faces when they receive these fun badges as a souvenir of each trip they make.

Badges for visited cities
They get a badge for visiting major cities around the world.
Badges for regions
Some special regions also get their very own super badges.
Special accomplishment
Your kid even gets badges for special accomplishments, such as their first trip.