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Putting delight into flight

Welcome to the kids’ program that makes flying an adventure.

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Make flying an exciting and magical experience for children

Sign your kids up and they’ll each get a logbook to keep track of their flights, a unique luggage tag, special stickers and the opportunity to earn all kinds of great Air Canada Altitude SkyridersTM goodies.

So welcome aboard, we look forward to making every flight you take with your kids a fun and inspiring experience.

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There are plenty of reasons to join Air Canada Skyriders.

Taking the plane should be something your children look forward to

Air Canada Altitude SkyridersTM aims to make flying magical for them, and that begins with this special starter kit.

Sky-high fun!

Every time they fly, they can also ask a flight attendant for special Skyriders treats such as stickers and activity books.* Flying has never been so enjoyable!

*Subject to availability

A fun badge of honour

Children love to collect. Imagine their proud faces when they receive these fun badges as a souvenir of each trip they make.

You’re travelling with the kids. Enjoy!

Travelling with infants and young children can seem daunting, but organize things right, and you’ll get to enjoy the flight while your kids revel in the adventure.

Here are some articles with plenty of handy tips:

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